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Established by AgaNina, in 2021 The Haus Of Nina, is the vehicle merging a rebellious and wild nature of a Biker with pure energy of an Angel.

Unapologetic, unsubordinated, however grounded, and centred images mirror a synergy that's beyond perfect.

The Roses and The Cross joining here two worlds, where hot and cold, fire and earth, heart and head, are becoming new, modern, and more coherent form of Yin and yang.


That's how AgaNina describes her main design of Roses and the heart of Logo at The Haus of Nina:

''Three Roses, one for each of them.

One for each, to celebrate and honour the mysterious nature of the cosmos.

One Rose for each, to express their power and tenderness.

To show the movement, endurance and abundance in the pathway between the source and flow of life and our expressions of our own gifts.

To embrace the Sisterhood within a Divine Feminine, to give her strength in dominating over the three realms of the cosmos: sky, sea and underworld.

The Holy Trinity, the sacred trinity, or tri-unity, being one of three and three-in-one.

Three separate beautiful beings who are united in a divine relationship, expressing a sense of completeness, perfection and unity.


Three Roses to celebrate the Tree of Live. The living process, related to the phases of the moon, the seasons, and the human life circle.''

The Haus Of Nina products are also Art-based, which means that all the designs have their roots as Art pieces - original and unique. The Haus Of Nina provides you with products based on original pieces made by the founder - AgaNina (Agnieszka Rosa), as well as other Artists as featured on this website.

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Wszystkie ceny produktów zawierają podatek VAT. Podatek VAT ma zastosowanie w zależności od kraju pochodzenia i zostanie wyświetlony na fakturze.

Wszystkie ceny produktów zawierają podatek VAT. Podatek VAT ma zastosowanie w zależności od kraju pochodzenia i zostanie wyświetlony na rachunku.


The Haus Of Nina

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Tel: 0049 175 6580525

Właściciel/Założyciel: Agnieszka Rosa